The lure of the ocean calls to those living in Monterey. Surrounded by the unquestionable beauty of the sea, residents of this stunning landscape can’t but help think about the majestic creatures living below the surf.

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium guests learn all about aquatic wildlife living in Monterey waters. Located at the edge of the ocean at 886 Cannery Row the institute welcomes locals and visitors through its doors.

From awe inspiring sharks to quirky jellies all types of critters are represented. Exhibits are thoughtfully arranged to inspire those meandering through. Designed to place education in the forefront, visitors learn all about the characters they meet and what role conservation plays in helping them thrive.

Monterey County real estate residents get an up close and personal view of ocean life with the Monterey Bay Habitat Exhibit. Sharks, sturgeons and giant sea bass share this 90 feet long enclosure. Get a glimpse of all the action through a shark cam here. Nearby in the Kelp Forest the leopard shark and red octopus take center stage. The Aquarium’s largest exhibit is the Open Sea. Schools of sardines, sea bass, jellies, and Pelagic stingrays coexist in a magnificent setting. Both the green sea turtle and scalloped hammerhead shark earn admiration as they swim by.

Get to Know Rescued Sea Otters on Monterey County Real Estate

Animals are in and out of the water in the Sandy Shore and Aviary. Feathered friends who thrive along the coast include western snowy plovers and red-necked phalaropes. Bat-rays swish about in shallow sandy areas.

Sea otters look cute and cuddly and have a wild time all day long. Get to know the individual habits of these rescued beasties by observing them anytime on the otter cam. Penguins are also playful and daily feedings are fun times to watch them interact.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is devoted to supporting the local communities. Future generations hold the key to preserving the world’s oceans. Local school children benefit from educational programs that allow them to delve into the aquarium for free. Classroom resources feature workbooks, games and activities. Teen programs encourage volunteering and are available to junior high and high school students.

Take a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today and discover just what lives beneath the waves.